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When a company needs to recruit staff, all phases of the process must be very clear, as well as all candidates, requirements, documents etc... And there is no better way to manage all these tasks than with recruitment management software. At SoftDoit we know that it can be very difficult to find the best system. That's why we offer you a comparison that will allow you to find out which hiring software suits you best and will help you find the best talent for your business. You only have to complete the questionnaire on the right.


With this type of software you can manage all the processes of hiring employees automatically and simply. You will be able to create a database with all the candidates for a job opening, as well as their résumés, personal data, interview schedule etc. Furthermore:

  • You can add notes to each candidate sheet during or after the interview, see which ones you liked and which ones you have discarded...

  • You can also create a portal to publish job openings in the company, manage them from the hiring software and evaluate each of the potential employees.

  • Candidates, on the other hand, can view and apply for the jobs available.

Thanks to recruitment management software, you'll see how the management of candidates becomes an easy and dynamic task, as well as visual and intuitive. It will also allow you to decentralise planning and selection management and make the process much more optimal and efficient. In short, human resources hiring software:

  • Will help you save time in finding the best talent.

  • Will help you increase your competitive advantage by recruiting the best team for your company.


We at SoftDoit know that 60% of companies that want to implement software fail in the process because it is not very clear what they need. For this reason, we offer you a free ranking in which you will find the best software depending on what you need.

More than 30,000 companies have relied on SoftDoit’s experience in the software world and have found the most suitable system thanks to us. Don't waste any more time and money looking: in two minutes you will know the best options for your business. Now you know it! Find out here and now the best recruitment management software for your business, for free!

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