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The use of specific technological tools for the logistics industry increases productivity and simplifies the management of a company’s daily operations. To keep track of the available materials in the warehouse and to make a complete follow-up of dispatches, it is crucial to identify the products through labels. A labelling software will allow you to create personalised markings quickly and easily.

With the appropriate label creation program, you can register and differentiate items according to their properties. However, finding the software that suits the needs of your company is a slow and tedious process. This is why SoftDoit offers you a 100% free and impartial comparison with which you will discover the most suitable labelling solutions for your business.


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What is labelling software?

Labelling software is software that facilitates the design and printing of labels and barcodes. With labelling software it is possible to customise the labelling of products to simplify the traceability of lots. In addition, this tool allows you to automate the generation of labels to streamline logistics operations.


What is the purpose of label management software?

Designing and generating labels will be a much more efficient task thanks to the use of labelling software. This system offers the option of creating predefined templates to accelerate the process of marking articles. Other essential utilities of this application are the following:

  • Manage printing and verification of labels for each product
  • Create labelling and tagging designs with colours, fonts and custom graphics
  • Supervise the location and quality of products with barcodes and labels
  • Use created labels based on standard templates that comply with industry regulations
  • Generate labels in any language and allow one label to contain more than one language
  • Link the system to the database to access labelling information
  • Configure different settings for the creation of new templates
  • Preview files to make appropriate modifications before printing

Benefits of Label Creation Software

Labelling management software will help you to optimize the labelling process, identify the products correctly, and comply with the regulations of your industry or sector.

  • Streamline all phases that make up the labelling and serialisation procedure
  • Ensure the traceability of products in the supply chain
  • Ensure compliance with established legal regulations
  • Automate data entry to reduce design and printing errors
  • Optimize the operations of the logistics area by simplifying the identification of products
  • Reduce the times and costs of warehouse operations, and increase productivity as a result
Benefits of label creation software (infographic)

The importance of product labelling to generate value

Today any product can have a label and corresponding barcode, the purpose of which is the identification of said product at the point of sale. In addition, this universal pattern not only serves to identify the item in the supply chain, but usually provides information such as:

  • The name of the product
  • The brand
  • The expiration date
  • The characteristics of the product
  • The place of manufacture

This information is very useful for both supply chain agents and final consumers. Labels play a very important role when closing a sale, since when making a purchase, customers want to know the price or the properties of the items. A label that lacks sufficient information can generate distrust in a consumer, so it is essential to correctly manage product labelling.


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