Optimise the receipt of goods with the right management software

Goods receipt and registration is a labourious process that companies must carry out daily. Automating this type of operation is the most viable option to simplify the management of products entering the warehouse. With software for the reception of merchandise you will be able to control all the inventory movements in real time.

However, each company has different needs. That's why at SoftDoit we offer you a completely neutral and free comparison with the best goods reception software for your business. You will find the software that best suits the requirements of your company in just two minutes!


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What exactly is a goods receipt?

The process of receiving products consists in entering the items that arrive at the warehouse into the WMS (Warehouse management system) in order to group them and keep track of them. The main objective of this operation is to organise the goods to be placed inside the company's facilities and prepare them in order to send them to the clients. The products can be received in various formats, depending on the type of article, its dimensions or its origin.


Discover everything you can do with goods receipt software

Software for product registration is a tool that reduces the workload of those responsible for the area of ​ product reception.  With this solution you will have the following features:

  • Manage product entry into the warehouse in a simple way.
  • Keep a complete record of the pallets in the distribution area.
  • Automate the entry of relevant data such as codes or lots.
  • Group the perishable goods based on their expiration date and serial number.
  • Monitor each of the reception operations in real time.
  • Verify the quality and condition of the products received, and that the delivery note matches the entry document.
  • Facilitate the selection of the correct suppliers of supplies based on different parameters such as the quality of the products, reliability, delivery times, etc.
  • Track all lot incidents and defects.
  • Integrate the application with other programs to avoid duplication of data.
  • Create different access permissions for each of the users of the program.



Keys to managing the reception of orders in your company

Goods receipt is a basic operation for the proper functioning of the warehouse, so it must be done in the most efficient way possible. Here are some recommendations to optimise this process:

  • Select the appropriate manufacturers or suppliers
    Having reliable suppliers, and meeting deadlines, is essential to carry out all types of logistics operations.
  • Create a calendar with the next entries
    With a large amount of work involved in warehouse management, it is best to leave nothing to chance. Therefore, it is essential to plan in advance all future product entries.
  • Manage your inventory
    When receiving products, it is very important to have detailed information about the stock available in the warehouse, as well as its location. In this way, it will be much easier for you to organise the new products that are arriving.
  • Provide an area for unloading
    Regardless of the size of your warehouses, it is crucial to define an exclusive area to carry out the unloading of products.
  • Store products instantly
    After unloading the products, it is best to store them immediately. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing them by not having your location controlled.
  • Take advantage of new technologies
    To ensure maximum efficiency it is essential that you have the right tools to automate processes. With a management software for the reception of products you will be able to manage goods receipt in an agile way, and at the same time, reduce any dissatisfaction with the items received.

Get your comparison of the best goods receipt management software

As you can see, the management of the entry of merchandise is a complicated task that must be carried out thoroughly. However, thanks to the use of an appropriate management software it will become a much quicker and easier process.

If you don’t know which software you should choose, SoftDoit will help you find the ideal software to manage goods receipts in your business. Simply answer the questions at the top of this page. Next, we will send you a completely free ranking with the solutions that best suit your requirements.

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