Terms of use

The user be sent an email with a list of providers that, based on our criteria, best fit the needs of their company. In addition, we will provide them with a link to download further information about software providers. Before sending this email, SoftDoit might contact the person who completed the form directly on the telephone, to verify their interest in a particular software solution and to verify their identity as the person who completed the form. This email can only be used by the company the user represents and will, under no circumstances, be used for a purpose other than helping the company decide what the most suitable software solution is.

SoftDoit S.L. does not take responsability for the user's ultimate decision, nor of the validity of the information provided that affects their decision. However, we will make sure that, within the scope of our knowledge and expertise, the information provided is the most accurate and precise for the client to be able to compare and choose a software package that suits the needs of their company.

SoftDoit gives you the opportunity to provide third parties with your contact information and other information collected on our website, so that they may contact you with additional information and commercial offers. The information provided by SoftDoit, an online tool that compares the best management software solutions according to your needs, is merely informative.

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