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Find the best spa management and booking software

Would you like to optimise your customers' bookings and the management of your wellness centre's resources? Spa management and booking software lets you organise appointments in a flexible way and manage treatments and their respective rates. If you want to find the best program for your centre, we can provide you with a completely free software comparison. Answer the questions in the form on this page and receive a free ranking based on your preferences and needs. It's 100% neutral!

More information about Spa management software

What does spa management and booking software do?

A tool to manage wellness centres is essential to improve productivity and customer service. It also allows you to manage the availability of staff, treatments and circuits. Spa management and booking software has the following functionalities:

  • Create listings with the  customers' information and records of their visits.

  • Manage multiple bookings at the same time in a simple way.

  • Check the availability of rooms, massage therapists, circuits, showers, etc.

  • Manage the rates of each treatment and generate automatic estimates.

  • Manage members of the centre through loyalty cards and offer promotions.

  • Provide detailed information about the time and resources needed for each of the circuits and treatments.

  • Create different packages of services and rates based on dates or specific seasons.

  • Generate reports to understand the evolution of the Centre.

Discover for free the best solution to manage your wellness center

Now that you know the advantages and functionalities that software can offer spas and resorts, perhaps you'd like to know which is best suited for your centre. Each health resort has different needs and it is essential to assess them all when choosing a management system. To do this, simply fill in the form on the right. In two minutes you will get a 100% free and neutral ranking with the programs best suited for your spa or resort. Your customers will appreciate the quality of your service and your centre will become more profitable. Don't miss this opportunity, order your free comparison!