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Discover the best software for the service sector

Are you looking for software for the service sector that will help you manage your relationship with your clients and control costs? Getting the right program for your business is not easy, and often leads to a considerable loss of time and money. SoftDoit aims to help you with the search, so that you can find the software that best meets your needs. Our comparison service analyses more than 400 solutions and selects the three that best fit your company profile for free. This way you will save hours of searching and will take the right decision.

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Just fill in a short questionnaire with your business requirements. Based on this information we will generate your customised comparison with the three best programs for your company. It's that easy!

What are the advantages of software for the services sector?

Service sector software will help you to manage all your projects and ensure the best service to your customers. This solution has the following benefits and features:

  • Classify different services by rate, provision or dates that they are carried out.

  • Manage accounting and billing.  

  • Check the stock of essential materials for each service.

  • Issue gift cards, promotions and offers to retain clients.

  • Track each client through email marketing campaigns.

  • Automate the management of resources, staff and budget to increase profitability.

  • Share projects with other areas of the company.

How do I get my free comparison of the best software for the service sector?

If you want to get your customised comparison you can fill in the questionnaire on this web page. We will advise you for free in your search for the best programs for your company. Don't wait another day!