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Discover the best rota management software

If you want to check that certain rules and agreements are being respected in your organisation and supervise your employees more efficiently, you need employee scheduling software. At SoftDoit we want you to forget about using templates and spreadsheets to monitor the presence of your workers. It's a task that shouldn't take so long. This is why we recommend that you opt for new technology. Use this software comparison service to find the best rota management software.

More information about Rota software

Why do I need a scheduling program?

Rota software will help improve the efficiency of your company's activity. With this system all the confusions will disappear. Also:

  • The same software will let you discover the optimal planning of your resources.

  • You will complete the planning of shifts automatically according to regulations.

  • You can change the scheduling of shifts to adapt to possible incidents that arise.

  • You can check at any moment any absences that occur, break times, holidays, and lateness of your workers.

  • You can anticipate and rearrange the daily plan so that these developments do not adversely affect the rest of the workday.

  • Each worker can access their user profile, view how their workday will be and print their calendar. In this way, is very difficult for the worker to forget what they have to do at each moment.

  • You'll eliminate interruptions in the working day that delay your business activity and you'll avoid any shift overlaps.

  • You can check that rules regarding entrance and exit of the company are met.

Find your ideal employee scheduling software now

With the right rota software, not only will you avoid unnecessary interruptions in your activity, you will also discover the timetable that will allow you to efficiently manage the working time of your employees. With SoftDoit's free comparison you'll find the three best providers of software to manage your business shifts. Don't wait another day.