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Retail software comparison service

Do you own or work at a retail shop and want a tool to manage your establishment? Do you need to differentiate yourself from the competition and make your business more profitable? If you are looking for software to manage all your items and offer the best service to the final customers, we can help you. You will find endless solutions online, however, choosing the one that is most suitable for your business is not so easy. With the free SoftDoit comparison service you will find which retail software best suits your business. Just answer the questions on this page and receive your personalised ranking of retail ERP. We are the leading software comparison service in the UK. If you still don’t know about us, what are you waiting for?

More information about Retail software

Features of a solution for retail

With retail ERP you will be able to manage all your purchases and sales from a single platform. Among other things, retail software has the following features:

  • Manage sales and purchases.

  • Check the stock available in warehouses.

  • Create a file with detailed information of your customers and suppliers.

  • Organise inventory into groups, based on the characteristics of each product.

  • Speed up sales and returns thanks to a fast and flexible system.

  • Generate promotions and discounts to increase loyalty of the final customer.

  • Manage the business' billing and bookkeeping.

  • Generate labels and barcodes for products.

Get your free comparison of retail software

The retail ERP will be your best ally to manage all areas of your business. If you want to find the program that best fits your shop, just answer the questions on the form. SoftDoit's comparison service will analyse more than 400 solutions and select the ones that really suit your business. Our service is totally free and neutral. You'll save time and money on software selection, and you'll make the right decision!