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Find the best POS software for your business

Looking for Point of Sale software for your business, but don't know which one to choose? At SoftDoit we help you find the one which best meets the needs of your business for free. The process of searching for and selecting software is long and making the right decision is not easy. In fact, many companies have failed in choosing their POS system and, as a result, have wasted a large sum of money.

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Our comparison service analyses more than 400 different solutions, and generates a neutral ranking with the three POS systems that best meet your shop's requirements. Fill in the form on this page with the characteristics of your UK business and you will receive your free comparison. It's that simple!

Why is a Point Of Sale software useful to my business?

The software is a tool that facilitates the tasks of management and control of commercial facilities. Below are some of the features and advantages:  

  • Create customer loyalty through loyalty cards automatically.

  • Manage till closures and workers' shifts.

  • Issue receipts and manage salespeople.

  • Modify prices and descriptions of products for sale.

  • Handle returns easily.

  • Manage catalogued items.

  • Label products with barcodes.

  • Manage payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery etc.

  • Manage shipments, both within the country and abroad.

How do I get my free comparison with the best POS system for my business?

If you want to find the ideal solution for your premises without losing a minute of your time, just fill in the form on this page with your preferences. You will receive your free and neutral ranking of the programs best suited to your sales point. So, what are you waiting for?