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For companies in the pharmaceutical industry it is very important to guarantee the highest quality of the products you produce, as well as traceability and compliance with safety regulations. Software for the pharmaceutical sector will simplify all the internal and external processes of your business, to increase performance in a measurable way.

However, finding the program that really adapts to the profile and needs of your production laboratory is not easy and requires an important investment of time and reseach. If you want to choose the right software, it is crucial that you value the specific needs and characteristics of your company.


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Main functionalities of a solution for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

With software for the pharmaceutical sector, you can integrate all production and distribution processes into a single platform. In addition, you will reduce the response times to any incident in order to increase the satisfaction of your customers in a remarkable way. A program for pharmaceutical production companies offers the following functionalities that will boost the growth of your business:

  • More efficient planning of material resources needed for each project
  • HR management
  • Control manufacturing, processing and packaging procedures accurately.
  • Obtain reports and statistics on production levels
  • Access the history of the production and distribution procedures at all times
  • Manage the stock of materials available in your warehouses
  • Contribute to the development and innovation of new products
  • Manage invoices and returns more efficiently
  • Make a forecast of future purchases and manage the sales cycle
  • Calculate the approximate costs for materials, manufacturing and distribution
  • Share information with the rest of the team members instantaneously
  • Manage commercial activity and customer relationships to offer a higher quality service to your customers
  • Assign different levels of access for each of the employees

Real benefits of a pharmaceutical laboratory management system software

Having a specific software for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector will allow you to streamline all the procedures and activities of your business. With a management program, you will operate your pharmacy optimally thanks to the many advantages it offers, such as:

  • Track all daily operations of the industry in real time
  • Control production processes in each of their phases and meet customer demand
  • Optimise logistics, and control the inventory and supply chain
  • Ensure compliance with current quality, environmental and safety regulations
  • Improve the relationship with suppliers and automate orders
  • Obtain indicators to get a comprehensive vision of the business and simplify decision making
  • Resolve all types of inquiries and incidents with greater speed and efficiency
  • Enhance current customer loyalty and contribute to the attraction of potential customers
  • Considerably reduce costs and increase the profitability of your company
  • Analyse market trends to identify business opportunities
  • Evaluate the performance of the organisation and apply more effective operational strategies
  • Detect possible risks and minimise the appearance of possible errors

Software for the pharmaceutical industry and its advantages


After all the information we have provided, we will conclude with the following advantages of using software solutions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry:

  • Increase in business volume
    Management systems provide flexibility to the business and allow the identification of new areas for development, by streamlining analytical processes that have not existed until now.
  • Sustainability control
    The ability to control the different production plants of a large pharmaceutical company will help you manage waste.
  • Minimized production costs
    By automating so many internal management processes, productivity increases, and costs are reduced.
Software for the pharmaceutical industry and its advantages

Now that you know everything... Do you want to discover the ideal program to manage your pharmaceutical company?

Now that you know some of the most important benefits and advantages of this type of solution, you just need to find out which one is the best to control your processes in your lab. However, you should be aware that not all systems will meet the requirements of your business equally. If you want to discover what software is the most suitable for your pharmaceutical company for free, use the SoftDoit comparator.

Answer the questions located at the top of this page and you will receive a completely personalised ranking with the best programs to manage your business. Over 35,000 companies have found the software they needed thanks to our comparator. It will take only two minutes and you will find the most suitable system to manage your pharmaceutical laboratory. Remember, our service is completely free and neutral!