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Do you want to control the inventory and sales? Do you need a tool that facilitates the management of drugs and prescriptions? There are many pharmaceutical software solutions providers. SoftDoit's comparison of Pharma ERP and Pharma CRM can help you to find the one that best meets the needs of your company. It's completely free and neutral. What do you have to do to get it? Just fill in the form on this page. In two minutes you will receive a personalised comparison!

More information about ERP-PHARMA

What are the functionalities of a Pharma ERP and a Pharma CRM?

Pharmaceutical software solutions allow you to integrate different operations related to drugs, prescriptions, shipments, invoices, etc. Some of its functionalities are:

  • Classification of drugs by name, bar code, units, etc.

  • Updating prospectus information for each drug.

  • Control of stock and expiration date of drugs.

  • Possibility to manage different electronic prescriptions.

  • Automated scheduling of file transfers to different services.

  • Control of sales and purchases.

  • Management of sales mix.  

With a Pharma ERP & CRM you will offer a fast and effective service to your customers. In addition, by controlling the sale of your drugs and other products, you will ensure the safety of your consumers. Your business will improve its reputation and increase its profits.

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