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Find the best online payroll software for your business

For the smooth running of your company it is necessary to have a proper system of organisation for the salaries of your employees. In order to achieve that, it is essential to have the software that best suits the characteristics of your enterprise. At SoftDoit, we'll help you find and select the online payroll software that best suits your business. It's completely free and neutral. Answer the questions on the right and in two minutes you'll receive a personalised ranking with the three most suitable solutions for your company.

More information about online payroll

Features and benefits of a cloud payroll software

Online payroll will help you manage your company to gain efficiency and competitiveness. With this tool you can:

  • Carry out the management of your employees in a simple way.

  • Perform a complete follow-up of terminations, vacations, etc.

  • Calculate and issue paychecks electronically and safely.

  • Control payment of bonuses, taxes and social charges.

  • Manage administrative procedures according to the regulations of each country.

  • Keep a record of your employees, such as date of entry and dismissal.

  • Perform system updates to keep up with changes in regulations and labour laws.

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