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Find out which municipal government software is best for city councils

The software needed most by city councils is Human Resources, ERP, CRM and Document Management Software. But if you are looking for another type of municipal government software, we can help you too. At SoftDoit we make a totally free comparison of the best solutions for local governments. With a neutral and personalised ranking we show you the public administration solutions that best meet your needs.

More information about Government software

If you do not know which municipal government software you need, read carefully...

  • Human resources software will let you manage all your employees, their schedules, vacations, performance, training and payroll. What's more, it is very useful to create an employee portal where you can post each worker's payslip, calendar and holidays. Each worker will be able to enter the portal from the software to clear up any doubts about their payslips, schedule etc.

  • CRM and ERP software for local governments is ideal for storing all the information of business partners and citizens. This system is very useful for example in sending informative emails about parties, events, new rules, new spaces under construction among many other possibilities. CRM software can also have different users and each of them can see information that another may not, if necessary. For example, officials working with lawyers can submit cases of citizen complaints without employees of other departments seeing them.

  • To recap, document management software will let the City Council's documents move quickly and safely between sender and recipient. With all the paperwork in public institutions this system allows you to see where each document is and who has to deal with it, and you can modify it at any time. This system is very useful in avoiding the paperchase and to avoid workers having to move around constantly, wasting time, in search of the document they need.

If you don't need any of this municipal government software, don't worry.

If the four council management software solutions we mentioned are not what you need, don't worry. At SoftDoit we also offer comparisons of  BI, POS, WMS... and more! So save yourself some hassle and tell us what functionalities the council needs to cover and we'll send you a free comparison of the best municipal government software.