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Balancing demand and production capacity, reducing inventory costs, and properly managing the warehouse are some of the daily challenges for industrial companies. With software for the industrial and manufacturing sector, you will be able to optimize your business processes. With a solution like this, you can also plan the management of the different manufacturing plants more efficiently and speed up the delivery times of the products.

When selecting a program, you should know that not all of them adapt equally to your company. The search for software that meets the true needs of your company can involve a large investment of time and money. But with the 100% free and neutral SoftDoit comparator, you can find the best manufacturing management solution for you.


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What are the main functionalities of a program for manufacturing and industry?

Software for the industrial and manufacturing sector is crucial in order to have absolute control of all production and distribution processes. Additionally, it will allow you to work with more synchronicity with the rest of the team and reduce the time dedicated to each task. These are some of the most important functionalities of an industrial solution:


Manage the supply chain more optimally
• Visualize the volume of orders and guarantee their fulfillment, adhering to fixed delivery times
• Keep an accurate record of available stock in the warehouse
• Apply the Lean methodology to improve the company's results and eliminate waste
• Plan production and keep the material and personnel costs for each task under control
• Obtain analysis and statistics to improve decision making in the future
Manage employee schedules based on their availability
• Resolve incidents with distributors and customers more effectively


Generate and modify budgets for each project in an intuitive way
• Track the cycle of purchases by batches, serial numbers, labels, etc.
• Integrate the management of the sales department from a single platform
• Ensure product traceability and obtain information about the warehouse at all times
• Supervise the different manufacturing plants in an efficient and flexible way
• Replace the warehouse inventory automatically, when the stock level is lower than recommended
Manage the treasury and the billing of the company in a simple way
• Carry out commercial and marketing activities to build the loyalty of current customers and attract new ones


Modules that make up industrial and manufacturing software

Software can offer multiple opportunities for any type of business. In the case of industrial and manufacturing software, these are some of the most common modules that can be integrated in this kind of system:

  • Financial management
    Registers financial transactions, manages internal cost accounting, controls expenses, etc.
  • Project management
    Provides greater control over programming, resources and financial aspects of short and long-term projects.
  • Production
    Manages resources to achieve greater efficiency in operations.
  • Supply chain management
    Allows the optimisation and automation of business processes throughout the supply chain.
  • Human Resources Management
    Precisely controls all the processes required for the management of your workers.
  • Client management
    Offers a greater capacity to build customer loyalty through the organisation and connection of people, information and processes.
  • Technical Assistance Service (SAT)
    Increases the quality of customer service, offers personalised attention, and enables incident management.

Discover the most notable benefits of using industrial software in your company


Optimising all operations and centrally managing each of the departments of your business is possible thanks to industrial and manufacturing software. Here we highlight some of the main advantages offered by this type of solution:

  • Get relevant information about the business situation to streamline decision making
  • Match demand to manufacturing and distribution to minimise costs through Lean manufacturing
  • Offer a higher quality technical assistance service for your customers
  • Guarantee compliance with the stipulated delivery times
  • Avoid stock breakages and interruptions in the production chain
  • Integrate the management of different areas of the business under a single system
  • Increase the competitiveness and profit margins of the company
Discover the most notable benefits of using industrial software in your company

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