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Transport and logistics companies need to manage the fleet of vehicles and control the warehouse stock with maximum precision, without leaving room for error. Therefore, transport and logistics software is an essential tool for companies in this industry. A solution of this type allows automating processes and increases business productivity.

However, there are many different logistics programs on the market, and not all meet the specific requirements of your transport company. At SoftDoit we are the leading software comparator. Therefore, we offer you a 100% free and impartial ranking with which you will discover the most appropriate solutions to manage your business. What are you waiting for to try it out?


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How can transport and logistics industry software help you?

A solution for companies in the logistics and freight transport industry is a computer tool whose main purpose is to integrate the management of all areas related to transport and logistics. Amongst other things, with this program you can control traffic, accounting, vehicle fleet and the warehouse. Some of the other outstanding features of this kind of system are:

  • Plan and control traffic, as well as manage vehicle routes
  • Manage the reception of merchandise and the preparation of orders
  • Know the stock availability and manage the replenishment when the stock level is below the established minimum
  • Print and issue labels, delivery notes and bar codes
  • Automatically generate customer and supplier invoices
  • Manage the dispatch of orders in all its stages
  • Control and optimise the cargo space of the trucks
  • Manage purchases and control expenses accurately
  • Label all packages and know their location at all times
  • Supervise vehicle maintenance: kilometers, stops made, ITV inspections, etc.
  • Manage administrative procedures, billing, accounting and payroll in a simple manner
  • Keep a record of the usual delivery addresses
  • Control transporters' salaries and organize work shifts
  • Manage the purchase of spare parts and repairs in the workshop

Learn about the advantages of a logistics and route management system

A software for logistics and transport companies will boost the performance of your business and help you make better decisions based on specific data. With the implementation of a solution for carriers and logistics operators you will have benefits such as:

  • Optimise route planning
    With this tool you can plan the routes of the trucks to manage shipments more efficiently. In addition, you will be able to control traffic to calculate the shortest routes and deliver orders in the shortest possible time.
  • Know the availability of vehicles and drivers in real time
    Thanks to the geolocation functions, you will obtain detailed information about the location of your fleets and carriers. In this way, your customers can track their orders and check for delays.
  • Manage the warehouse effectively
    This system allows control of the entry of merchandise and the location of the products inside the warehouses. In addition, you will know at all times the number of available goods in the inventory.
  • Control company costs
    Another advantage of using this program is to reduce fuel consumption. Gasoline accounts for a large part of the costs of companies in this sector, so reducing fuel consumption will help you save costs considerably.
  • Analyse the profitability of shipments
    With this tool you will obtain statistics to know the average cost per shipment and compare them with the income earned. This data will make decision making much easier and allow you to create strategies to increase the profitability of your business.
  • Automate tasks
    A logistic and fleet management software is a key piece to automate all the operational processes of the company. Thanks to the automation of tasks, you will be able to speed up the work and boost the performance of your business.
Learn about the advantages of a logistics and route management system (infographic)

What aspects should you consider in order to choose the best transportation and logistics software?

The selection of a management solution is not a decision that can be made from one day to the next. If you want the implementation of your new program to be a success, it is essential that you take into account the following factors:

  • In no case expect your company to conform to the software. Choose a system that fully adapts to the needs and profile of your company
  • In addition to the size and characteristics of your company, also take into account the specific requirements of your industry
  • Find a flexible tool that grows with your business and that is capable of being updated automatically
  • Consider whether you prefer to host the system on your own internal servers or in the cloud (cloud computing)
  • Be well informed about the different solutions offered by suppliers and request demonstrations to assess the usability and accessibility of the programs
  • Stick with software that is intuitive so that the training of your employees is much easier

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