The recruitment of personnel is a complex task that involves a large investment of time and resources for companies. Recruitment software offers the support that professionals need when managing the different phases that make up this process. In fact, according to the data obtained in the report on The use of software in Human Resources departments, 40% of companies already have a specific recruitment solution.

However, to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your new software, it is essential that it specifically fits the characteristics and requirements of your business. At SoftDoit we know that finding the staff recruitment software that best suits your company is not easy. Therefore, we offer you a comparison that will allow you to find out the most suitable recruitment program for your company.


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What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software is an ideal tool to manage each of the stages of the employee recruiting process, such as the preselection of candidates or interviews. This type of solution allows you to create a database with all applicants for a vacancy, as well as their resumes and personal data to have all the information organised. It is a fundamental piece to facilitate the work and streamline the tasks of those responsible for attracting talent in the company.


What are the functions of a recruitment solution?

With personnel recruitment software, you can automate most phases of the job hiring process and increase the performance of your business. Recruitment software will provide you with the necessary tools to increase the productivity of your human resources department. Thanks to the implementation of this system you will have the following utilities:

  • Organise the resumes and personal information of all candidates.
  • Plan and modify the dates and times of the interviews in a simple way.
  • Create a portal to publish and manage available vacancies in the company.
  • Insert notes in the files of each candidate during the interview, to review later.
  • Evaluate each of the potential candidates according to their aptitudes and see if they meet the required qualifications.
  • Allow candidates to register for the different job offers available.

Discover the benefits of using staff acquisition software

Thanks to recruitment software, you will see how the management of candidates becomes an easy and intuitive task. Additionally, you will be able to optimise the selection process and manage each of the stages in an integrated manner. Here are some of the advantages of having this software:

  • Save time in the search and recruitment of the best personnel for your company.
  • Increase the competitive advantage of your business and reduce costs.
  • Simplify the pre-selection and final hire of potential employees.
  • Obtain all the relevant information from candidates to facilitate decision making.
  • Follow up on the applicants throughout the entire process.
  • Optimise interview planning, as well as modifications and cancellations.
  • Guarantee the correct choice of potential candidates for each vacancy.
Discover the benefits of using staff acquisition software

Find the ideal recruitment solution for your business for free

With an employee acquisition tool, you will be able to optimise each of the phases of the evaluation and hiring process of personnel. At SoftDoit we know that 60% of companies that want to deploy software fail in the process because they are uncertain about what they need. For this reason, we offer you a free and neutral ranking with which you will discover which are the best recruiting software for your company.

Over 35,000 companies have consulted our software comparator and have found the most suitable software thanks to us. Do not spend more time and money searching: in two minutes you will know what the best options for your business are. Find out now which recruitment software is best for your company, completely free of charge!