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Managing the human capital of a company is one of the most complicated tasks for those responsible for human resources. An employee portal software provides fundamental support when conducting all kinds of administrative procedures. With a personnel management program, you will improve communication with your employees.

Depending on the industry, and the requirements and characteristics of your company, you may need a system that covers certain functions. At SoftDoit we are aware of the loss of time and money that the search for the ideal software may involve. Due to this reason, we offer you a free, unique and personalised comparison to find the best employee intranet software for your business, in just two minutes.


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What is an employee portal solution?

An employee portal software is a very useful tool to improve internal communication in the company and have more direct contact with the staff. This system allows the employees to consult and modify all their information in a simple way. A work management program is a key element to devolve administrative tasks and optimise the functions of the human resources department.


What are the basic functionalities of an employee intranet?

Staff is the most important asset of every company, so it is crucial to have the most advanced technological tools to manage them correctly. An employee intranet software provides the necessary functions to optimise all processes related to the management of personnel. The main features of these systems are the ones detailed below:

  • Allow employees to see the work calendar or the training catalogue through their web portal
  • Create a directory of company personnel to provide contact information for all the members of the company
  • Allow employees to download their payroll in PDF, update their data for the calculation of withholdings for Personal Income Tax and request absences or advances
  • Automatically generate reports with all the data of your workers
  • Obtain reports on the evolution of business productivity, reduce costs and motivate staff
  • Publish communications, documents and files of interest to the rest of the team members

Discover the main advantages of using employee portal software

Internal communication is very important to not lose track of what happens in the company. In addition, it is a good way to keep employees informed and make them feel part of the company, so they feel more motivated. According to the SoftDoit annual report on The use of software in Human Resources departments, 60% of companies have employee portal software. This program has the following characteristics:

  • Simplify and streamline the processes of the human resources department
  • Improve internal communication and the satisfaction of your employees
  • Save costs and increase the productivity of the company
  • Allow employees to manage their data and requests easily
  • Access information from anywhere and at any time
  • Reduce times and optimise administrative procedures
  • Avoid the appearance of possible errors thanks to the automation of tasks
Discover the main advantages of using employee portal software

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Thus, an employee portal software will help you reduce costs and increase the productivity of your business, thanks to the automation of processes. In addition, your employees will be much more motivated and therefore perform better.

If you want to find out which software is the most suitable to manage the staff of your company, use our neutral and free software comparator. Complete the questionnaire on this page with the characteristics of your company and you will receive a 100% personalised ranking. You will save time and money and deploy the appropriate solution. Try it now, it's completely free!