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Managing and organising the work shifts of your employees can be a complex process. In the case of SMEs, it may be feasible to do it manually, although not ideal. However, in the case of a large company or when a business develops, this practice is impossible. If you want to monitor the activity of your employees and ensure compliance with planning, employee scheduling software will be very useful.

Although all solutions have similar basic functionalities, it is essential that you find one that adapts to your company completely. At SoftDoit our goal is to help you find out which employee scheduling program is the most suitable for your business. Answer the questionnaire that you will find on this page and you will receive a free and neutral ranking with the best options for your company. Are you ready to try it out?


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What is shift planning and employee scheduling software?

An employee scheduling solution is an essential human resources tool for configuring shifts and schedules for company staff. Additionally, this system allows you to take absolute control of business activity and obtain information in real time about the availability of staff. With this application, you will be able to anticipate and efficiently solve all types of incidents. If you want to know more about this software and know its main utilities and benefits, read on!


What are the uses of shift management software?

With employee scheduling software you can manage the schedules of employees in an integrated manner with maximum flexibility. In addition, with this system you will have the ability to record staff activity and the overtime hours worked. Some of the most important functions of this type of solution are those detailed below:

  • Determine the daily, weekly and monthly hours to be carried out for each of the employees.
  • Optimise and control the resources of your company in a simple way.
  • Conduct automatic planning of work shifts according to regulations.
  • Modify the shift schedule when unforeseen incidents arise.
  • Maintain constant control of the sick leave, rest times, vacations and delays of your workers.
  • Reorganise the daily plan in light of any incident, so that it does not harm the rest of the working day.
  • Supervise compliance with company entry and exit regulations.
  • Allow empoyees to access their user profile and visualise their daily tasks.
  • Receive notifications with requests for shift changes from your employees so that those responsible can approve or deny them.

Discover the benefits of an employee scheduling solution

Shift scheduling software offers multiple advantages that will help you boost the performance of your staff and improve the competitiveness of your business. In addition, you can automate most processes related to employee turnover and simplify the work of the human resources department. With the deployment of employee scheduling software that adapts to your company, you will enjoy advantages such as:

  • Create a much more fitting shift schedule.
  • Ensure compliance with current legal regulations in the workplace.
  • Automate the calculation of compensation based on worked overtime.
  • Facilitate administrative procedures, as well as the tasks of the human resources department.
  • Increase the productivity and profitability of your organisation.
  • Modify work schedules in a simple way.
  • Obtain information about the hours worked by each of the employees.
  • Store and view the schedule history at all times.
Discover the benefits of an employee scheduling solution (infographic)

Find the ideal scheduling software for your company

With the right employee scheduling software, you will be able to efficiently manage the workday and hours of your workers. Do you want to discover which scheduling system best suits the requirements of your business? Answer the questionnaire on this page and in a matter of minutes you will get your personalised and free comparison.

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