The solution for your tourist establishment: hotel software

Meeting the demands of your customers is paramount for the proper functioning of your hotel, hostel or guesthouse. With a hotel software that adapts to the needs of your establishment, you will be able to offer an unbeatable service to your clients. However, to choose the right program it is essential to take into account factors such as the size or type of activity of your company in particular.

As everyone knows, the hotel sector in this country is very important, but it is also highly competitive. Only the tourist establishments that better manage their business processes advance and achieve their objectives. For this reason, many hotel managers make the decision to take a step forward and install hotel software for their businesses.


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Discover the features of a management software for hotels, campsites and hostels

Technology brings us a lot of benefits in many aspects of our life. Why not take advantage of these benefits for your hotel?

A hotel software will increase the productivity of your business, so it will help you save costs and at the same time, offer a higher quality service to your customers. Amongst other things, a hotel management program has the following features:

  • Manage and update the database of your customers and suppliers more efficiently
  • Control in an integrated manner the different areas of your establishment such as the cafeteria or the restaurant, from the same platform
  • Automate all the daily operations of your hotel, campsite or hostel
  • Enter the information of your customers in the system in a simple way
  • Manage reservations and cancellations in a more agile way
  • Know the availability of rooms, apartments or plots
  • Achieve maximum occupancy of the facilities and avoid overbooking
  • Allow customers to make reservations online through their computer, mobile or tablet
  • Modify rates in a flexible way, for the situations that require it
  • Notify your clients of promotions or special seasonal prices
  • Offer training courses to your employees to increase their productivity
  • Visualize rooms and spaces through graphic grids (or racks) to control their status: busy, free, blocked, etc.

Hotel software modules

The management of a tourist establishment requires the very important control of workflows. In addition, the number of workers, customers and opinions on the Internet make it necessary to constantly review many aspects that there are not always enough time to control.

Therefore, the functionalities offered by software for the hotel sector, as well as the convenience of having everything in one program, are the main motivations that lead tourist establishments to want to have this kind of solution.


Amongst the different options within this kind of software, we find modules for different functions:

  • Reservations module
    Make or cancel individual and groups reservations, modify dates, manage payments, etc. Integration with the PMS software of the company, to automate the management of reserves.
  • Reception Module
    Actions related to the entry and exit of customers (check in or check out), wake-up calls to rooms, room service, etc.
  • Room module
    Manage the processes related to the rooms, cleaning, technical condition or maintenance.
  • Reports module
    Generate a large variety of reports with the objective of making different interpretations and comparisons.
  • Profile Modules/Guest Module
    Store information about your clients. Create a database with contact details, preferences and likes, incidents, or even payment methods.
  • Administrative module
    Automate basic administrative functions such as creating invoices, applying taxes, applying discounts, managing payments, etc.
Hotel software modules (infographic)

What are the advantages of using a solution for the management and administration of your hotel?

With the deployment of hotel software that adapts to the needs of your establishment, you will be able to integrate the management of each of the areas of your business. A specific system for the hotel sector is a key tool to make the most of your company and save time. Here are some of the main benefits of using this kind of program:

  • Carry out more effective customer loyalty strategies to retain your current customers and capture potential customers
  • Contribute to the improvement of the reputation of your hotel, hostel or campsite
  • Have the necessary information to analyse the business situation and simplify decision making
  • Increase the competitiveness and profit margin of the company
  • Segment the database of your clients to send more personalised marketing campaigns
  • Streamline reservations and strengthen the sales force of your establishment or hotel chain
  • Control access to all spaces to ensure the safety of the facilities
  • Organise the shifts, schedules and vacations of your employees
  • Evaluate the performance of team members and the time spent on each task
  • Reduce costs considerably by optimising the management of the material and personal resources of your business

Find the best hotel software for your business for free

As you can see, a software solution for the hotel industry will provide you with the technology you need to manage your company more efficiently.

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