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Find the best software for the management of your hotel

Do you want to find the best ERP software for your hotel, spa or resort? Provide the best service to your customers thanks to a tool that suits your needs? The size of your company and the type of customers you have are some factors to consider when choosing the right program.

More information about Hotel management software

Finding hotel management software that suits your business is not straightforward and can involve a great waste of time and money. That's why at SoftDoit we compare more than 400 ERP for hotels and provide you with a free ranking with the solutions that best fit your business. If you want to receive your personalised comparison, you must fill in the questionnaire on this page with the characteristics of your hotel. Our comparison service will analyse what solutions offer exactly what your business needs.  

Features of hotel, spa and resort management software

An ERP for hotels will increase the productivity of your business, which will help you save on costs and at the same time, provide better service to your customers. Among other things, this tool has the following features:

  • Manage and update the database efficiently.

  • Control different areas of the hotel from the same platform.

  • Automate the day-to-day activities such as customer data entry or billing of reservations.

  • Make online reservations thanks to a module of online booking. In this way customers can make their reservations through their computer, mobile or tablet.

  • Easily manage cancelled reservations to maximise occupancy and avoid overbooking.

  • Modify rates in specific situations thanks to a flexible system.

  • Display the rooms using graphic grids (or racks) to control their status: occupied, free, blocked, etc.

  • Inform customers of promotions or special seasonal prices with the integration of a CRM module.

Find the best hotel management software for free

If you are looking for an ERP for hotels, at SoftDoit we will help you find the one that meets all your requirements. In two minutes you will get your ranking with the three best solutions. Look no further, and let our comparison service do the work for you. Other hoteliers have contacted us and have found the solution they needed. So, what are you waiting for? Our service is free!