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Find the best holiday management software

Need a tool to simplify the management of holidays and absences of your employees, but don't know which one to choose? More than 60% of companies fail to implement a solution because they don't take into account all technological factors. The software market is very large and finding the right program is not easy. For that reason, we offer you a free ranking of the best holiday management software  for your business.  What do you need to do? Simply fill in the form on the right and you’ll receive your 100% free comparison.

More information about holiday management software

Why use system to manage your employees' holidays?

Human capital is a key element for the good operation of any business. For this reason, it is crucial to have complete control of the absences of your workers. With holiday management software you can:

  • Manage all types of absences and sick days by illness, maternity, paternity. etc.

  • Manage holidays and days off of employees.

  • Calculate automatically the days that each worker has accumulated.

  • Speed up the approval of requests for holidays and sick days.

  • Create a calendar to know the availability of your workers.  

  • Allow the employees to review their holidays and make requests at any time, through mobile devices.

  • Get automatic reports to know the performance of employees and the rate of absences.

Discover the best online holiday management software

Find out which annual leave planner best meets the needs of your company. Fill in the form on the page with the requirements of your business, and in two minutes you’ll receive a free ranking with the best staff holiday planner for you. Our comparison service analyses more than 400 programs in a completely neutral manner. Make the right decision!