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Find the best food traceability software

Traceability is an area of the food business which, among other things, allows us to know the composition of the food, the corresponding handling of the ingredients or the machinery to be used. With food traceability software, you can manage and keep a more efficient record of all products, with the certainty that you will not lose any data. At SoftDoit we can help you find the software that best suits your company through a free and personalised comparison. All you have to do is provide us with the characteristics of your company, its needs and the goals you want to achieve. Our experience and knowledge of the market guarantee that you will be able to choose the best software, whatever the product you work with: meats, fish, preserves, vegetables, etc.

More information about Food traceability software

What can food traceability software do for me?

With a food traceability system, a type of solution called a Food ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), you will be able to manage the different stages of the production and distribution process:

  • Planning of products to be processed, as well as the method, times and expiration dates.

  • Management of the production process: machinery to be used, operators, raw material, etc.

  • Control of the output of products moving from the manufacturing process to sorting in the warehouse.  

  • Management of goods in and out of the warehouse, stock control or managing orders.

  • Check expiration dates and monitor the quality of your products.

  • Supervision of the distribution of products, the loads of the trucks, the destination, routes that they will follow, etc.

  • Updating of current legislation.

  • Creating reports, statistics and graphs.

You will see how the software will increase your productivity and efficiency, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profits.

Compare the best food traceability software

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