SCM software: increase the profits and performance of your company

The optimisation of the supply chain has been reinvented over the years. SCM software can greatly improve the supply chain management of companies, optimising all the processes from the issuance of the order of materials to the delivery of the product to the final client. In other words, it optimizes the management of the movement of resources throughout the entire manufacturing process.

In this way, manufacturers can better use their resources, adapting their production process and warehouse needs to the needs of customers in order to offer them the differentiated experience they deserve.

The key to the success of this type of software depends on its available functionalities, flexibility, and adaptability to the needs and peculiarities of each company's supply chain. Would you like to know more?


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What is an SCM system?

An SCM system is a type of ERP software that allows you to plan, execute and coordinate in real time the supply chain. With the use of specialised software, it is possible to improve and automate the supply chain, through the reduction of inventory and delivery times.


Main functionalities of a supply chain management program

The objective of the SCM solution is to reduce costs along the process chain, such as in the storage design, where and when goods and raw materials arrive, transport or process improvement, etc.

A good application to manage the supply chain should include, among other features:

  • Demand planning
  • Inventory planning
  • Replenishment planning
  • Collaboration demand planning, collaboration inventory planning and collaboration
  • Replenishment planning
  • Manufacturing schedule
  • Orders, purchases or purchase commitment planning
  • Production planning

Likewise, a good system should offer the following capabilities:

  • Process management (particularly in production, plants, quality, logistics, purchasing, R & D, etc.).
  • Unification of data, processes and analytical models.
  • Scalability to manage global planning models.
  • Support for management and performance analysis.
  • Support for collaboration.
  • Possibility of implementing segmented supply chain planning models.
  • Integration into transaction systems and electronic commerce.
  • Ability to propagate the plan through an integrated planning model, 24/7

Business management requires adequate planning, execution and monitoring. Good SCM software allows you to track supplies and customer management quickly and efficiently. Its use can significantly improve the operation of a small business, as well as that of a very large one.


What are the advantages of SCM software and why should you implement it in your company?

Next, we will explain some reasons why you should use this kind of software:

  • Plan client demand
    SCM Software increases the quantity and quality of the information that your company has about its clients. Therefore, an estimate of the demand can be made on a solid basis.
  • Manage your warehouse
    Optimising the use of space and shelves in your space. In addition, if your company has several warehouses, the SCM Software notifies of possible imbalances so that you can reassign your inventories.
  • Automatically send orders
    Based on the estimated demand from customers and warehouse availability. These orders are sent according to the criteria previously defined by the user.
  • Easily assign tasks to workers
    To optimise their work. With this program, Human Resources can have a global vision of the entire supply chain.
  • Increase the efficiency
    Of the entire production chain, from the issuance of the purchase order to the delivery of the final product to the customer, reducing time.
  • Reduces costs
    Thanks to the improved efficiency. This reduction in costs will have an impact, in the long term, on an increase in profits and performance.
What are the advantages of SCM software and why should you implement it in your company? (infographic)

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