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Find the best school management software

Are you looking for software to manage your school or academy? Do you want to manage the databases of your students and teachers? School management software will allow you to optimise all the processes of your school. There are many types of solutions for schools in the market, and finding which best fits your school isn't easy. For this reason, we offer you a free and neutral comparison, so you can discover what ERP systems offer what your school needs. Fill in the form on this page and in two minutes you will receive a personalised and 100% free ranking.

More information about School management software

Why use management software for schools?

School management software will help you optimise all the daily tasks of your education centre to provide the best care to your students. With school software you can do the following:

  • Manage the database of students and teachers.

  • Plan schedules of the courses and taught classes.

  • Automate the collection of school fees.

  • Integrate an agenda to organise classes and events throughout the year.

  • Maintain constant contact with your students through mailings.

  • Encourage current students to return and capture potential new students through communication campaigns.

  • Easily manage the entry of new students.

  • Adapt the centre to the various internal and external changes through a flexible system.

  • Manage the teaching staff of the school, as well as the material and resources available.

Find out now for free which school management software is the best for you

Now that you know all the advantages that software for schools and academies has to offer, you only need to find the most suitable for your centre. All you have to do is fill in the form on the right with the characteristics and needs of your company. Our comparison service will analyse more than 400 solutions and in two minutes, you will receive a free and custom comparison with the best ERP for schools. With the right school management software, your education centre will become more productive and profitable. Try it now! Its 100% neutral!