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If you work in the publishing world you probably need to control the production and distribution of books, as well as promote them in different media effectively. Nowadays, all sectors are being digitised. Therefore, publishing ERP will facilitate all your daily functions and allow you to adapt your business to the current digital environment. However, not just any solution will give you what you need. SoftDoit's goal is to help you find the system that best fits your publishing house, and our service is completely free and neutral. Fill in the form on this page and in two minutes you'll get your personalised and free ranking.

More information about Publishing ERP

How can a publishing ERP help you?

A publishing ERP software will help you optimise all the processes of your distributor and offer a better service to the customer. With a program of this type you can:  

  • Control the production and distribution of books (physical and digital).

  • Promote books in the market and the media to increase the sales.

  • Automate traditional printing processes.

  • Organise and control everything related to copyrights (contracts, settlement of rights, printing of settlements).

  • Control the whole lifecycle of each book (project, solution, situation, integration of new sales channels) for books as well as eBooks.

  • Manage and organise files of clients and suppliers, with their contact information.

  • Access your contacts' email and order history.

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