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The operation of the procurement department of any company should always be perfect, since it is one of the most important pillars of the business. If you are able to optimise your supply chain, you will be able to achieve success. How do you do it? Get a procurement software suitable for the management of purchases and sales of your company. Automation of processes, logical and intelligent organisation of inventories, the reduction of margins of error, or the analysis of data throughout the purchase process, are useful utilities to be able to maximise the possibilities of the purchasing department.

Still wondering why you should use a solution for procurement? We provide you all the information so that you understand its usefulness, know its benefits and find the best option for you.


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What is procurement software?

Procurement software is a tool that is used to, amongst other things, control the expenses incurred by a department, project or person in a company. With a program of this type, you will be able to manage all the areas of your commercial activity from the first contact with the client/supplier until the collection of the invoice. In this way, you will get an accurate and complete view of the process.


Why use a purchasing program?

A tool like this will be of great help to be able to organise and control the expenses of the company, as well as the prices of each supplier. More broadly, a procurement software will serve to manage everything related to the commercial activity of your company. If you want to dig a little deeper on the subject, then we explain some of the functionalities and benefits of the purchasing software:

  • Control and manage the purchasing cycle
    The ordering process needs delicate management. Since an order is placed with the suppliers, and this is incorporated into the warehouse, the entire process must be coordinated. In addition, you have to manage delivery notes to identify, classify and distribute all purchase orders, and in this way, have good control of your inventories. With good software that helps you in the organisation and grouping of all processes, you can monitor and control the entire shopping circuit of your company.
  • Obtain periodic reports on the prices of each product and supplier
    Easily store the price reports according to product and supplier to take greater control of purchases.
  • Organise invoices by date, supplier or article
    The correct management and organisation of invoices in a quick and easy way is another benefit of using purchasing tools. Create, edit and consult your invoices to issue them online or on paper.
  • Control stock and production in a simple way
    Having complete control of stock in the same application can only be beneficial for your business and optimise the management possibilities of your ecommerce. You will be able to consult and control the types and numbers of articles to the smallest detail, fixing prices and organising them how you like: according to sections, families, etc.
  • Manage offers from suppliers
    One of the most interesting features to take into account is that you can track requests for bid management. Once you have all the information stored in the program, you can also make comparisons of your supplier offers.
  • Manage several orders at the same time
    Save time with the possibility of processing different orders at once, detect errors instantly, and ultimately, take complete control of them.
  • Generate statistics and graphs on the economic status of the business
    Thanks to the data stored in your software, you can automatically generate graphs and statistics that will help you not only know how your company is working financially but also to help you set new goals and prevent possible downfalls.
Why use a purchasing program? (infographic)

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