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Find out which pizza software is the best for your business

Do you have a pizzeria? Are you looking for an effective management system to achieve the maximum profitability of your business? If you want to speed up order taking and manage home delivery in a simple way, you will need pizza software.  However, choosing the right program is not so easy, and might involve wasting time and resources. At SoftDoit we want to help you. We offer you a custom ranking with the solutions that best fit the needs of your pizza place. Our service is 100% free and neutral, what are you waiting for? Try it now!

More information about Pizza software

Functionalities of pizza software

With a specific pizza delivery software you will be able to offer an exceptional service to your customers and make home delivery more efficiently. This solution has the following characteristics:  

  • Take, store and record orders at the register or directly from the tables.

  • Display orders on screen or print them for home delivery.

  • Allow customers to customise pizzas by adding or removing ingredients.

  • Control maintenance and revision of delivery bikes, motorcycles or vehicles to ensure their proper functioning.

  • Manage the stock of raw materials and inventories.

  • Make estimates of revenues and expenses of purchases, maintenance, etc.  

  • Speed up your kitchen work to provide optimal service to your customers.

  • Track the status of each order and its delivery.

  • Generate promotions and discount codes to keep your regular customers loyal.  

  • Plan and manage the shifts of your restaurant staff.

Find out now which is the most suitable pizza delivery software to manage your orders

Discover now the pizza software that best suits the requirements of your business. Answer the questions on this page and you will receive a 100% free and custom comparison with the best systems for your restaurant. You will save hours of searching and you’ll make the right decision. Don’t wait any longer, the service is free and neutral!