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Control of the manufacturing processes is essential for every manufacturing company, since the growth of the business will depend on good management. If you want to control the manufacturing of your company more efficiently and comfortably, manufacturing software will be your biggest ally.

A manufacturing solution allows you to adapt the production to the demand and obtain a complete vision of all the phases of the manufacturing process. But you should know that there is a wide variety of programs, and not all offer the specific functions that your business requires.

At SoftDoit we offer you a personalised comparison with which you will find out what the best manufacturing software for your organisation is, without losing time or money. 60% of companies fail to deploy software successfully, by not taking into account their specific needs. But with our free and neutral comparison you will find the most suitable solution!


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What is manufactring ERP software?

Manufacturing ERP software is a software solution that facilitates the management and planning of production. This system optimizes the use of available resources in the company and increases the performance of productive processes. In addition, manufacturing software helps reduce the times of industrial operations and save costs.


What are the main characteristics of manufacturing ERP software?

Manufacturing ERP software is a very useful tool to streamline and simplify the product manufacturing process. With the implementation of a program of this type you will have the following features:

  • Plan and track production in real time from the beginning to the end of the process
  • Obtain detailed information about the condition of the machines, as well as the materials and components used
  • Calculate the necessary resources according to the volume of orders
  • Automatic creation and management of production orders
  • Effective organization of material lists with standardized cost calculations
  • Guarantee the traceability of the products throughout the production cycle by assigning serial numbers or lots
  • Control the stock available in the warehouse and maintain it at optimum levels
  • Lean manufacturing management (production without waste)
  • Simultaneous control of the manufacturing processes of several plants
  • Obtain reports to know the production index, as well as the performance of the machines and employees

Learn about the most important benefits of a manufacturing management solution


With manufacturing software that adapts to the characteristics and needs of your business, you will maximise the productivity of your company. A software of this type reduces the time allocated to each of the manufacturing tasks. Also, thanks to the use of this system you will have other advantages such as:

  • Obtain indicators to know the level of business performance and simplify decision making
  • Save costs and reduce energy expenditure to minimise the environmental impact
  • Automate the supply chain and adjust production to demand
  • Manage the different business processes in an integrated manner
  • Speed ​​up the shipment of products and stick to the delivery deadlines
  • Improve business competitiveness and increase customer satisfaction
  • Facilitate communication between the departments involved in the same process
Learn about the most important benefits of a manufacturing management solution (infographic)

Do you want to find the best manufacturing software for your company for free?

With the right manufacturing software you can control each of the phases of production process, optimise resource planning, and save costs, among other things. Now that you know some of the most notable benefits of a manufacturing management program, what are you waiting for to find the one that best suits your business? Fill in the brief questionnaire on the page with the characteristics of your business and you will receive a personalised ranking with the most suitable solutions for your company.

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