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Find the best software for your library

Library management software is a necessary tool to efficiently organise all materials, reservations, users and borrowings related to your activity. There are more and more libraries that opt ??for the implementation of library software to help them manage their resources. At SoftDoit we’ll help you find the ERP that best suits your needs. Want to know how? Here we’ll reveal the whole process.

More information about Library software

Why pay for library management software?

The reasons to implement library software vary in relation to the service you want to offer your users. Below are some of the main functionalities and advantages that you can incorporate in your company immediately:

  • Save time and money thanks to the automated cataloguing process with which to scan barcodes of materials.

  • Improve the services you offer your customers: more orders, better classification, more materials, more copies of the same material, etc.

  • Scan documents, manage versions, tasks and users, etc.

  • Create user cards in a simple way to process borrowings.

  • Open customer files and keep track of your data: track borrowed materials, record references and incidents, update data and contact email, etc.

  • Design and send newsletters adapted to the preferences of your users, informing of news.

Library software facilitates the more automatic tasks that, despite their simplicity, require a great deal of time. Dedicate yourself to organising activities with added value so that your library becomes a reference point for cultural centres.

How do you get SoftDoit's free comparison?

As you may have experienced, finding software tailored to your needs is not as simple as it sounds. This task requires specific knowledge and time that is often not available. Choosing the most expensive or most general program can have dire consequences for the profitability of your business. For this reason, we offer a free, custom, unique comparison, that will help you to find out which library software best matches what you are looking for. Our experience and the trust of thousands of companies has enabled us to become the leaders in Spain and Latin America. In order to get your free ranking, all you need to do is fill in the form on this page. At SoftDoit, we will study your case thoroughly to offer you a comparison with the best possible results for you. Try it now!