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Find the best kindergarten software

Managing a creche takes a lot of effort, as it is crucial to ensure the safety of the children and to control 100% of the administrative processes. With kindergarten software you can offer exceptional service and increase the competitiveness of your centre. Each kindergarten is different and has its own needs, so it is imperative to find a program that fits the profile of your centre. At SoftDoit we offer you a free comparison to discover the systems that best fit your business. Fill in the form with the requirements of your creche, and in two minutes you will receive your personalised ranking. Find out now!

More information about Kindergarten software

What are the benefits of using a creche management program?

With kindergarten software you can integrate the functions of all departments and the daily management of your centre will be much easier. The main advantages of implementing this solution in your centre are to help you to:

  • Manage the databases of students, teachers, staff, etc.

  • Create files in a simple way with detailed information of the students to have individual records of each one.  

  • Add the personal and work data of the relatives of the children, as well as their contact numbers.

  • Manage material resources, activities and different spaces.

  • Introduce and manage student grants based on their characteristics.  

  • Manage creche tickets and manage billing.

  • Allow parents to access their children's data from any mobile device.

  • Ensure that the centre's safety standards comply with regulations.

  • Plan daily tasks and activities through a shared calendar.

Do you want to know the best system to manage your kindergarten?

As you can see, kindergarten software can bring many benefits to your children's centre. However, it is essential that the program you choose is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Otherwise, it will not meet your expectations and will not be as useful to you. If you want to find out in a free and neutral way which system is best for managing your centre, use our free software comparison now! Fill in the form now. It will take only two minutes and you will make the right decision!