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Find the best gym management software

With gym management software you will manage your club efficiently, to offer a high quality service and make your members recommend you to their friends. Each sports centre has different dimensions and requirements. Therefore, you need to find gym membership software that suits the specific characteristics of your facilities. In SoftDoit we simplify the search for software, so you can discover the best one for your fitness centre for free. Fill in the form on this page and you'll get a 100% free and neutral comparison with the most recommended options to manage your training centre. Give it a try!

More information about Gym management software

What is the use of gym management software?

The world of fitness is increasingly demanding and there is fierce competition, so your centre will need the best IT tools to face the challenges of the sector. A management program for gyms has features such as to:

  • Manage the databases of your customers and know their tastes and needs.

  • Raise loyalty of your members and determine their degree of satisfaction with the centre.

  • Keep track of your clients' behavior: know why they do not attend the club, which products are the most consumed, the busiest times, etc.  

  • Guarantee quality and optimum maintenance of machines and installations.  

  • Manage invoicing and accounting in a simple manner.

  • Manage the club's corporate website to attract new members.

  • Allow members to make reservations from the web to avoid saturating telephone routes.

  • Obtain analysis and statistics to know the evolution and profitability of the club.

  • Avoid access of non-members to the gym facilities through access controls.  

  • Send personalised mail: birthday greetings, promotions, news, etc.

  • Resolve all types of incidents and doubts with maximum agility.

Find out now which is the ideal gym management software for you

If you want to find the most suitable management program for your gym quickly and easily, use our free software comparison. Answer the questionnaire and in two minutes you'll receive a custom ranking with the options that best suit your sports facilities. Our comparison service analyses more than 400 solutions for fitness centres, depending on the specific characteristics of your club. Don't miss this opportunity, the service is completely neutral and free!