Having a good ERP software is a great advantage for companies, since this software allows you to optimise processes, save time and reduce costs. However, choosing a business management system is not a simple task, since it requires a great investment of time and a lot of patience. The choice of an ERP is very important and must be based on the specific needs of each company in order to make the best decision. That is why we will discuss in this article the keys for comparing and choosing ERP solutions.


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First steps for comparing ERP

If you are reading this article, it is because you are considering deploying an ERP in your company. In that case, you should first ask yourself if your company is prepared to devote the efforts and time necessary to carry out this task. If so, you should know that to choose a management software it is crucial to take into account multiple factors such as the involvement of company personnel. It is essential that all members of the company participate in the deployment process of the ERP and are well informed about it.


How to compare ERP software and find the best one for your company

Over 60% of companies fail to implement business management software. Deciding on an ERP that does not meet the demands of the company resutls in a great waste of money, not only in terms of installation and maintenance, but also in the allocation of resources and time. Therefore, it is essential to choose a software that is profitable in the long term. Here are the tips to follow for comparing ERP solutions successfully:

  • Involve your company staff
    As we have said before, the first step is to make sure you involve all the members of the company in the decision, especially the managers. Although the management team is usually not the most likely to use the program, their participation in the choice of ERP is essential. This way you will have different points of view to guarantee the success of the deployment.
  • Define the goals and objectives
    To compare management software it is also important to determine the objectives to be achieved with the implementation of the ERP. The majority of companies decide to deploy this type of solutions to optimise processes, increase business profitability, reduce costs, etc. Depending on the goals of your company, you should opt for one program or another.
  • Assess the usability of the system
    Assessing the functionality and simplicity of use of the program is also another important point to take into account. Even if you save on the initial installation of an ERP, if the project ends up being a failure and the software is not easy to use, the investment will be useless. Therefore, it is crucial that the program you choose is simple to use in order to simplify the tasks of the company and reduce the training time for your employees to learn how to manage it.
How to compare ERP software and find the best one for your company (infographic)
  • Ask for demonstrations and references
    To make an optimal comparison of the benefits and the potential of each of the solutions, ideally, you should request demonstrations to suppliers or software manufacturers. In this way you can test the ERP, learn a little more about its operation, check its usability, speed, etc. It is also advisable to ask for references from other users of the software to know if they are really satisfied with the software. The more information you have about the ERP, the easier it will be to make the right decision.
  • Consider flexibility
    It is essential that you select a solution that is flexible and that is capable of adapting to the future needs of your company and sector. An ERP that has a high level of scalability will take longer to become obsolete and will adapt to the continuous changes that occur in your company in order to grow with it.
  • Do not forget mobility
    Mobility is another aspect to analyse when choosing an ERP, since you may want to have access to your business information at any time and from anywhere, using devices with an Internet connection.
  • After-sales service
    When comparing software, the after-sales service offered by suppliers is also an important aspect to consider. It is essential that there is a fluid communication with the manufacturer and that there is an excellent technical assistance service in case of any doubt or unforeseen event that may arise after the deployment.

The choice of an ERP is of vital importance. Therefore, you should not get carried away by the big brands simply because they are the most recognised or the most expensive. Remember that the most prestigious solution in the market is not always the best for your company.


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