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Find the best ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses

Running an SME is a complicated task, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a need for expansion and growth that must be closely monitored and requires impeccable organisation. The best way to carry out this monitoring of your company is with an ERP for small business. In SoftDoit we know that finding the right software is a very complicated task, due to the great variety offered by the market. In fact, 6 out of 10 companies fail when implementing software. This is why we offer you a free, unique and personalised comparison that will tell you which software meets the needs of your business.

More information about ERP for small business

What is ERP for small business?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small business is a system that will help you control all aspects of your company’s finance. With ERP software for SMEs you can do the following:

  • Manage any functionality related to the production of your company.

  • Manage all aspects of the commercial department.

  • Sort and store all documents manually or automatically.

  • Prepare estimates and invoices.

  • Generate graphs and reports to analyse the evolution of the company.

With an ERP for small and medium businesses, you will be able to view the growth patterns of your business at any moment and decision making will be much simpler. In addition, you will improve competitiveness and change management will be completely efficient.

Find the right ERP software to manage your SME

If you want to know the best ERP for small business, just fill in our form. In SoftDoit we will analyse the characteristics of your SME for free to help you choose the best options from more than 300 suppliers. More than 30,000 companies have placed their trust in us and have found their ideal solution. Don't waste money and time that you could spend managing your business. We will find the best small business ERP system for you. What are you waiting for? Get your comparison now... It’s free!