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Welcome to the number 1 software comparison service for dentists. Our website offers a completely free service to help you in finding the right solution for your dental clinic. Poorly chosen ERPs can significantly damage the profitability of a company. At SoftDoit we offer you the opportunity to get your completely unbiased and free ranking of the dental practice management software that meets your needs. If you are a dentist and want to improve the management of your clinic, you've found the right company. We will focus on the specific situation of your business, we will evaluate it and then make a customised comparison just for your clinic.

More information about Dental practice software


We have the best dental practice management software providers. To get this ranking of solutions, you only have to answer the following questions and we will prepare a unique and personalised ranking for your business.

  • You will have to indicate which dental ERP modules the solution you require should contain: income control, income by dentist, income flow, expense management, assessing the productivity of professionals, accessing patient records, invoices, dispensed prescriptions, scheduling and innovative services such as the clinical history with 3D odontogram.

  • And please tell us if you need a CRM module for your marketing and promotion actions, as well as SMS or mailings.

  • Would you like it installed on the company server or in the cloud and what is the most attractive payment method for you?

  • Also, please explain how you would like to access the software, from mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPads, tablets, etc.) or through a web page. Also, we'd like to know if you need a solution integrated with Google. Based on the information you provide, we will carefully evaluate your situation and prepare the final ranking for your dental clinic. If you prefer you can give us the contact details of your clinic and we will call you.


If you want software for dentists and dental practice, in our software comparison service we have dental ERP and CRM solutions for you to manage your clinic in the way that you prefer. Other industry professionals have contacted SoftDoit to help them find the perfect software and have found it quickly. At SoftDoit we know that you don't want to be the last company to find the right solution, that's why we provide you with a customised program for dental clinics.