What is WMS?

The acronym WMS means Warehouse Management Software. This type of software allows the centralised management of logistics tasks such as inventory tracking and available stocks. These systems provide the necessary information to more efficiently handle the movement of products from the company's warehouse. If you want to know more about what WMS is and the benefits it can bring to your business, read on!

Discover what WMS is and what its main features are

A warehouse management system is used to locate the products available in the warehouse, and to control the movements of operators and machines. Likewise, this program has other utilities such as:

  • Control product entry orders in the warehouse.

  • Optimise the management of personnel and the resources used.

  • Track stock levels and inventory status.

  • Generate delivery notes and labels for each of the products.

  • Integrate Cross-docking mechanisms if the articles are not stored.

  • Manage files with detailed information of each product.

  • Reduce handling and machinery costs.

  • Facilitate the traceability of batches of articles throughout all its phases.

How to choose the best WMS for your company?

Now you know what an WMS is, however, there is a wide variety of IT solutions of this type on the market. If you want to find out for free what warehouse management software is best suited to your business characteristics, use the SoftDoit comparison service. Fill in the form on this page and you will get a personalised ranking with the most indicated solutions to manage the logistics processes of your company. Don't forget that our services are completely free and neutral!

What Software do you need?

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