What is CRM?

The acronym CRM means Customer Relationship Manager. CRM software is a technological tool that facilitates and improves the relation of an enterprise with its clients. This system allows you to obtain valuable data, like the preferences or needs of your business' target audience. In this way, companies can make more effective marketing campaigns and increase loyalty with their customers. If you want to know more about what CRM is, keep reading.

Discover what CRM is and its main advantages

Each CRM software has its particularities, although they all share some characteristics and common benefits to improve and promote the growth of your business. Some of the main features of a tool for customer management are:

  • Update and unify data from customers: history, personal info, demographics, sales data, etc.

  • Segment the data by different variables: age, gender, geographic location, etc.

  • Recognise and unify metrics to facilitate the commercial possibilities of each customer.

  • Perform cross sales.

  • Predict the entrance and exit of money, or cash flow.

  • Plan the management of the work of all the members of the company through reports.

  • Improve and streamline work processes by detecting where the strengths and weaknesses of the business reside.

  • Optimise the planning of all areas of the company.

Thanks to this solution you will know the needs and preferences of your target audience, and you can offer them specific products and personalised offers. In this way, you will keep your customers loyal and increase the number of direct and indirect sales.

What is the best CRM for your company?

Now that you know what CRM is, you just have to find out which is the most appropriate for the management of your company's customers. With our free comparison service you will find the program that best suits your business with a 100% neutral and free comparison. Answer the questions on this page and you will get a personalised comparison in just two minutes. Find out now!

What Software do you need?

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