Detecting business opportunities and knowing what stage of the sales process the potential customers are in is essential to maximise the strength of the commercial department. Having access to this information is a great advantage for the sales team of any company, as it facilitates strategic decision making. That is why it is essential to manage the pipeline, that is, the opportunities opened during the sales process, correctly. In this article we tell you the keys to managing the sales pipeline through a CRM software.


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What is the sales pipeline?

The pipeline, also known as a sales funnel, is the set of all the business opportunities that arise during each of the stages that make up the sales process. When managing the pipeline, it is important to keep in mind two essential objectives: to manage the opportunities as they are developed in the sales process, and to simplify and optimise the sales forecasts. To simplify the logging of commercial activity and to monitor the opportunities generated, a CRM tool can be very useful. Keep reading and discover how.


How to optimise the sales pipeline using a CRM system

The sales pipeline is composed of different phases, from the entry of the lead into the system until its conversion into a client. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a program used to stipulate sales processes and have a global vision of the commercial activity, as well as manage relations with potential customers. This tool provides multiple benefits for the sales process, such as analysing potential customers in each of the stages. Here we give you the keys to manage the pipeline optimally through a CRM:

  • Integrate all customer information
    To optimise the sales process it is crucial to have data about your customers, to offer a completely personalised treatment and be able to satisfy your needs. A CRM allows you to collect all the relevant information such as the phone number, the company, the email, the charge, etc. as well as their purchasing habits.
  • Document the different phases of the process
    Defining each stage of the pipeline is essential to identify the appropriate time to guide them until the closing of the sale. With a CRM it is possible to document the phases so that the commercial team has the necessary data to know when to move a potential client onto the next stage. It also allows you to monitor the progress of the salespeople, to ensure the achievement of business objectives.
  • Automate commercial activities
    CRM systems allow the creation of automated activities that can be repeated, to facilitate the work of the commercial department. In this way it is possible to standardise the processes to save time and improve the efficiency of the salespeople.
  • Increase the accuracy of reports
    Many companies that do not have a CRM turn to spreadsheets in order to track sales. However, it is not a recommended practice, since the possibility of making mistakes both in the insertion of data and formulas is infinite. On the contrary, a CRM software allows you to assign the correct values ​​automatically to avoid the appearance of errors and increase the accuracy of the reports.
  • Define clear objectives
    It is vitally important that all companies establish goals in a clear and concise manner to achieve positive results. A CRM system simplifies this task, since it allows you to make a forecast of the figures to reach for all the commercial team. In this way it is possible to work in a coordinated way to achieve the objectives of the company.
How to optimise the sales pipeline using a CRM system (infographic)

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