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Discover the best agricultural management software here

To manage and account for the harvest of your fields, what you need is agriculture management software. An ERP will allow you to manage sales and production through a single platform.

More information about Agriculture management software

We know that selecting an agricultural system is not easy because the software market is infinite. But that’s why you should count on us. SoftDoit compares more than 300 providers and selects the best for you. Depending on the characteristics of your company, SoftDoit will find your ideal ERP. All you have to do is fill in the questionnaire on this page. In a few minutes you'll know which agriculture management software is right to help you manage your crops. Do it now!


It will bring many benefits to your business, since it will allow you to organise your activities and direct them towards achieving your goals. Among other things, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage a database by seasons and harvests.

  • Register checks by periods and measure production rates.

  • Manage planting and rotation.

  • Count expenditures and revenues of your materials.

  • Record production and sales.

  • Manage several agricultural companies at the same time.

  • Monitor and check the labour of workers and create work contracts.

This way your daily tasks will be more effective, faster and simpler.


Now you know the advantages that agriculture management software will bring you. Wait no more and get your free comparison. Our ranking will clear up all your doubts and you'll find the solution that:

  • Will make your administration tasks easier.

  • Will allow you to take care of more important tasks such as forecasting and making strategies for growth.

We are happy to help you and save you time and money searching for the best solution. Try our free comparison service now!