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At SoftDoit.com, we compare business solutions. That is, within 2 minutes, we show companies the best "personalised" choice for the business software they need. Our experience has shown us that many times, "the best software on the market" is not the best software for a particular company, since this choice depends on multiple variables. That's why we give each company "personalised" solutions. In our site we compare, objectively and free of charge, the software of around 400 suppliers, according to sector, size and individual requirements.

Our goal is to reduce the difficulty of finding the most appropriate enterprise software. Due to the large volume of dispersed information, taking this decision entails a lot of time and therefore money. Therefore, the Spanish initiative SoftDoit.com shortens this problem of hours or weeks to just 2 minutes, which saves companies thousands of euros in their search and decision making.

What do we do?

SoftDoit.com is a comparison service of business solutions founded in Barcelona in 2012. Its mission is to help companies find the best IT solution for them. It is a site that benefits both sides of the chain: on the one hand, it helps companies that want to find the most appropriate business solutions provider according to their needs. On the other hand, thanks to the comparison service, providers can make themselves known to, and establish contact with their potential customers. Today, almost 400 providers are part of SoftDoit.com and thousands of companies consult the site every day for the software that best suits their needs.

In 2 minutes, SoftDoit shows each company a personalised ranking of the best software for them, according to their size, sector and requirements, with the particularity that this ranking is free of charge and neutral, since we neither manufacture nor deploy software.

The CEO and founder of SoftDoit.com is Lluís Soler Gomis, a Barcelona native who has gained considerable prestige in the eBusiness sector due to the multitude of initiatives and companies he has created in the last 11 years. Recently, he has invested heavily in the B2B sector (business to business), providing the necessary tool for companies to save many hours of valuable time. The comparison service belongs to the Spanish company SoftDoit S.L.

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What is SoftDoit?

SoftDoit is the fast, easy and free comparison website for business solutions. You will get a personalised ranking that is neutral and free of charge. We do not sell any solutions or deploy them... neutrality. We show the business solutions that best suit your company in an open and transparent way.

How does SoftDoit work?

Its operation is designed so that you get the results of the providers that are best adapted to the needs of your company in 3 minutes. You simply have to let us know through the questionnaire some details about your company (size, sector and requirements), what you need and how you want it to be in terms of technology ... And our website will give you a personalised ranking of the 3 best solutions.

Is getting a customised ranking free?

That's right. Receiving a ranking will not cost you anything... Quite the opposite, you'll save hours and hours of looking around to find the best solution... We reduce the time from days to minutes.

Does SoftDoit sell solutions or does it deploy them?

Neither. We generate a ranking that is customised for each company.

Who pays for SoftDoit's services?

Providers pay to be on our website as a form of advertisement, image improvement, etc. If you are looking for a business solution, we will help you find it for free.

What countries do you cover?

Spain, Italy, France, Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States (USA), French Guiana, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Where are we?

  Ramón Miquel y Planas Nº 23 - 25, Local 1. | Barcelona 08034. España | +44 208 068 7645 | info.uk@softdoit.com
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